The history of  Amari family, of Arab origin, is closely linked to  history of the area. First documents that mention the presence of the family in Sicily date from  ninth century when  Arabs landed at Cape Granitola near Mazara del Vallo.  Castellammare del Golfo, near Erice and the Zingaro nature reserve, is shown in old maps as X Amar,  Amar tribe encampment.

Michele Amari, great Arabist, a senator of the kingdom and  first Minister of Education
after the Unification of Italy, wrote in  History of the Muslims in Sicily  as these warriors fight with a cheetah crouched in the saddle.

Family' coat of arms, a mermaid in natural surmounted by a gold star, once again emphasizes the Arab family: the sirens because they were considered, in heraldry, as being "monstrous" away from the context of time and  therefore this emblem was adopted to indicate  families were  converted and from distant lands.

Family is divided into two branches:
Amari di Sant'Adriano  and Amari Cusa.  Cusa family, who gave name to the territory where they are located  The quarries of Cusa (Le Cave di Cusa), which were extracted from  rocks for  columns of the temples of Selinunte, it is indeed extinct in the Michele Amari Cusa. Among family members present, include historians, lawyers, politicians, governors, ambassadors, writers.